Thursday, August 11, 2011

Operation Facebook

To all Facebook addicts out there, you might want to consider weaning off your addiction since there is a chance it might be game over as of November 5th 2011 (a date that is synonymous with a bank holiday by the name Guy Fawkes in the UK). Anonymous' latest interest has become the popular social networking site. The famous hacktivist group have proven again and again that the best of firewalls is no match for their hacking prowess, or is it?

Some anonymous members spoke out against the proposed attack saying the hackers involved in the planned 'Operation Facebook' action aren't representative of the whole, but then again, it is more of an amorphous mass than an actual group. Facebook has not commented on the minacious threat as of yet, perhaps because of fear and not wanting to “kick the proverbial hornet’s nest”.

They claim the site has been selling personal data to various governments and that all information is retained, even after cancelling an account. (I personally know a woman whose face appeared on an ad for a dating site without her legal consent shortly after joining FB). There is no doubt that facebook has been criticized in the past over such issues. This threat does not appear to be targeted directly at members or stealing personal details.

Guy Fawkes is apparently in the process of creating a website called ‘Anon Plus Social Network’, an odd move since there is a fine line between hard to trace illegal online covert action and creating an all-out public website. One would think that this soon to be released site may not be so popular due to fear of people joining (Anon has been labelled a terrorist group).

Only time will tell!

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