Monday, May 30, 2011

How to Kibosh 2012

I started this blog as a hobby roughly around 6 months ago with the intent of sharing cool stuff about UFOs and anything else I could find on the net that you don’t usually see on the six o’clock news. As I researched more and more blogs and websites, such as ATS, I started noticing that paranoia is contagious and many of them harbour a lot of doom and gloom and significant amounts of hoaxes.
My question here is why so many people out there are wasting their lives working on these elaborate hoaxes? Should they not be looking for solutions to solving serious issues such as poverty, crime or global warming?
I am trying to understand the fact that some people are concerned about the Mayan prophecy about December 21, 2012, but unless you believe in the improbable concept of time travel, how can anyone predict the future? I also fail to understand why some people have the need to turn historical documents into Armageddon, whether it is the Bible, or Nostradamus, or an ancient Mayan tablet. If doomsday occurred at the ‘end date’ of every calendar, the world would have ended two thousand and eleven times by now according to the Gregorian calendar.
I for one do not look at the world through rose coloured glasses and am indeed aware of the fact that we need an urgent change in order to heal this planet. So let’s stop wasting our energy on Nibiru or planet X or whatever the flavour of the day is, and start focussing on serious issues.
Oh and I’m not negating any future stories of Chupacabra drama or alien invasions, or whatever else I find. I am just a middle man with a story and a hopeful growing audience in progress.
Have a wonderful positive, tornado, earthquake, tsunami, volcano, flash flood, biological hazard, hailstorm, epidemic free day.
And while you’re at it, watch out for evil aliens…

Saturday, May 28, 2011

“You say you want a revolution…”?

Words made famous by the biggest band ever to come out of Liverpool, England. There have been literally hundreds, if not thousands, in the last three millennia.
Though I am not much of an expert on the subject, other than getting a front row seat to the Middle-East uprising that started in Egypt on the day I landed in Cairo this past Winter, I wonder if we could possibly be seeing a first-ever viral worldwide revolution, thanks in part to the internet and social media networking? What first started in Tunisia, and quickly spread throughout Africa and the Middle-East, now seems to be expanding to Southern European countries such as Spain, Greece, and Italycountries in serious financial disarray. And let’s not forget the short lived attempt in China promptly crushed by the Chinese Communist Regime.
Even though I know very little about politics, a bit of online research will quickly reveal certain facts such as: US congress is raising the legal debt limit from its record high of $14 trillion and home foreclosures in the US are also at a record high, both signs of a serious fiscal crisis and a middle-class disappearing act perhaps?
A broken society is a disgruntled society is an angry society!
And just how far will it go?

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artificial structure found under Antarctica ice?

I have recently read a story about a claim that a large manmade object was discovered around a decade ago under two miles of Antarctic ice and that the US military has secretly started to excavate the site against the wish of some European countries. If true, the object would be at least 12,000 years old; around the last time the area would have been ice free.
Some conspiracy theorists also believe that 9-11 was created as a diversion a few Months later due to news of the event being leaked out. 
In early 2001, personnel had to be evacuated from the area due to a mysterious medical emergency and shortly after, the region was shaken by an unusual earthquake. Seismologists located the tremor at the epicenter of the buried structure.
In 2002, It was also reported that a California film crew disappeared near the area and the only evidence left behind was some video footage, video that was promptly banned by the Government.
If that doesn’t sound strange enough, Russian scientists stationed in the area for years have reported eerie magnetic anomalies and a time vortex. US physicist Mariann McLein allegedly testified that she and her colleagues became aware of a “spinning gray fog” in the sky over their heads while studying the area. After attaching a weather balloon loaded with instruments to a rope and releasing it into the vortex and then retrieving it, the date on a chronometer had somehow changed back to 1967.
   Science fact or fiction?

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who is 'Anonymous'?

Anonymous is an anarchistic virtual community started around 2003. Though it was originally meant as entertainment, it had grown into a form of international hacktivism five years later, after a series of controversial, widely-publicized protests and hacking attacks on public domains.

Some of their biggest hacks include the Westboro Baptist Church, The Koch brothers, WikiLeaks' foes, and its recent campaign target has become the Church of Scientology due to hundreds of illegal actions, fraudulent activities, and human rights violations.

Anonymous protestors cover their faces with Guy Fawkes masks popularized by the comic book and film V for Vendetta in order to protect their identities and to preserve anonymity and to ensure their safety.

Though I agree with the idea of peaceful and legal protests against corporate greed and corruption, I fail to understand the call to action I read about in a story this morning while surfing my favorite conspiracy website by someone claiming to be part of ‘Anonymous’ requesting that everyone call in to local authorities on May 22nd (the day after the rapture according to 89 year old clergy Harold Camping) to report and thereby create the largest UFO hoax ever.

Monday, May 16, 2011

The lost Mayan city.

Buried deep within the Jungles of Guatemala lie’s the recently discovered lost city of Holtun, also known as the Head of stone. Dating back to 600 to 300 BC, the ancient city was mid size with a population of around 2000 people.

The remains of hundreds of buildings yet to be discovered include a massive 3 headed pyramid and an astronomical observatory. They lie under thick rainforest growth waiting to be unearthed and Archaeologists are only now starting to understand its size thanks to 3D imaging. 

The site was unfortunately discovered thanks to the tracking of looters whom had somehow unearthed 10 feet tall stucco masks back in the mid 1990`s. These painted masks in the shape of people and animals would have been hanging near stairs to the main temple.

The ‘Head of Stone’ would have been a gathering place for important events such as crowning of kings and visitors would have witnessed many rituals during their visit. Archaeologists are hoping to start excavating parts of the city, including the Observatory sometime in the summer of 2011.

Where do I sign up to help?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

14 signs that the collapse of our modern world has begun (by Mike Adams)

Found this interesting story by Mike Adams on

A lot of people believe the world as we know it is going to end on December 23, 2012. Nonsense, I say. The far more honest answer is that the end of the world as we know it has already begun.

 Here are 14 signs that the world as we know it is unraveling right now.

#1 - Tornado, hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis - At first it seemed like a fluke; but now it's a pattern. The weather is becoming increasingly extreme. Over 120 tornadoes recently struck the U.S. Midwest. Texas is on fire and suffering through an extreme drought. And where there aren't fires and droughts, there are floods. This is only the beginning, watch for more freak weather over the next 18 months.

#2 - The silence of the bees - Colony Collapse Disorder continues to accelerate across North America. We already know it’s being caused in part by chemical pesticides (and possibly worsened by GMOs), but the chemical industry is engaged in a full-on cover-up to deny this truth while the pollinators of our world suffer a devastating population collapse.

#3 - The failure of nuclear science - The Fukushima catastrophe proves one thing: Scientists are dangerously arrogant in their planning of large-scale projects, and they fail to account for the awesome power of Mother Nature. Nuclear science promised us clean, green energy -- but now it has delivered a silent, invisible poison that's infecting our planet.

#4 - The vicious pursuit of Wikileaks - In an age of such rampant deceit, there is no room for the truth. So those who tell the truth (Wikileaks) are viciously pursued as if they were criminals.

#5 - The rise of the medical police state - The armed SWAT raids on Maryanne Godboldo in Detroit are only the beginning. The truth is that the medical system uses guns to force its vaccines and chemotherapy onto children and teens across America. The medical system has become so utterly useless, corrupt and dangerous that it must actually invoke guns in people’s faces just to "convince" people to take its medicine. This is a gunpoint-enforced medical monopoly that exists as a threat to our health and our freedoms.

#6 - The increasing frequency of food shortages and crop failures - Notice the spike in food prices? That's just the beginning: Food prices will continue to skyrocket in the years ahead due to extreme weather, the loss of pollinators and the global contamination of crops by GMOs. Real food is becoming increasingly scarce in our world. You might want to think about starting a home garden...

#7 - The runaway destruction of the world by energy companies - The radioactive fallout from Fukushima isn't the only way in which energy companies are destroying our world: Don't forget about the Deepwater Horizon and the massive oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico -- a spill that isn't over, by the way. They're still spraying Corexit in the Gulf one year later!

#8 - The continued GMO contamination of our planet - This may be the worst chapter in the coming collapse: The widespread genetic pollution of our planet through GMOs. This is a crime against nature and against humanity. It is a "gene spill" that may never be contained as it spreads its deadly DNA across the world's food crops, leading to crop failures and starvation. The use of GMOs is the closest thing to "Satanic" that you'll find in modern agriculture. The agenda behind this is pure evil.

#9 - The tyranny and criminal crackdowns targeting real food (raw milk) - When you can't even sell honest farm food to your neighbours without being targeted and arrested by the cops, something is terribly wrong with the world. But this is happening today, all across America. Now the feds are even targeting the Amish!

#10 - The escalation of the counterfeiting of the money supply - In a failed economic system approaching collapse, the moronic leaders can only think of "solutions" that actually accelerate their own downfall. The runaway counterfeiting of money by the Federal Reserve (with its "quantitative easing" and other counterfeit methods) is a classic sign that the end of our current system is fast approaching. The economic insanities are obvious to anyone who can still do math.

#11 - The plummeting intelligence of the masses - One of the most disturbing signs that we're already in the collapse is the great dumbing-down of the masses. The drooling, CNN-watching television zombies who dominate our landscape offer absolutely nothing of value to the world. They are the "mindless consumers" who get vaccinated, watch television and eat processed, pasteurized junk food. They're on psychiatric meds and believe everything the government tells them. Most of these people, of course, won't make it through the collapse.

#12 - The complete and utter fabrication of the mainstream news - Much of the mainstream news is now utterly and completely fabricated these days: The reporting on Obama's long-form birth certificate; the news about the war in Libya; the coverage of the economy and the U.S. debt... it's all so utterly false and unbelievable that an intelligent person watching the news can't help but explode with laughter. It is a sign of this collapse that the information sources relied upon by the masses are unable to report the truth anymore and  must resort to weaving politically expedient fictions on everything from health care and medicine to the fate of the U.S. dollar itself.

#13 - The ongoing pharmaceutical pollution of our world - Beyond the GMO contamination and the radiation contamination of our world, we are also experiencing the mass pharmaceutical contamination of our planet. It's not just the pharma factories that dump their products into the rivers, it's also the fact that well over half the population is now taking drugs almost daily, and those drugs pass right through their bodies and end up in the water supply where they contaminate the fish. Even beyond that, the drugs end up in the human sewage sludge that's packaged and sold as "organic soil!".

#14 - The radioactive contamination of the global food supplies - Here's one that's really insidious: The global food supply is now contaminated with the radioactive fallout from Fukushima. We're told the levels are "low," but we're not told the truth of how radioactive caesium isotopes persist in the food supply for centuries. How is the human race going to survive its exposure to CT scans, radioactive food, chest X-rays, TSA body scanners and even the secret DHS mobile X-ray vans that can penetrate your body with X-rays as you're walking into a football stadium? The total radiation burden on the human race is now reaching a point of mass infertility. That may be the whole idea, actually.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Plain of Jars

Scattered throughout the landscape of Laos lies an archaeological anomaly called the Plain Of Jars. More than 90 sites are known within the province of Xieng Khouang, each site containing anywhere from 1 to 400 stone jars.

These enormous ancient vessels weigh anywhere from hundreds of kilograms to nearly a ton with a height and diameter between 1 and 3 metres.

Historians are still completely baffled as to where the jars came from, how old they are and what they signify, though it is estimated that they are over 2000 years old and might possibly have been used for burial purposes.

Lao stories and legends claim that there was a race of giants who once inhabited the area and an ancient king created the jars to brew and store huge amounts of rice wine to celebrate his victory.

Between 1964 and 1973 the United States dumped four billion pounds of bombs on the country in a "secret war" against Pathet Lao and North Vietnamese communists and up to a third of them never exploded making this a potentially dangerous site for locals as well as any tourist that visits.

The Laotian government is considering applying for status as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Who was John Titor?

The story of John Titor’s first appeared on the web around the year 2000. He was reported to be a time traveller from the year 2036. Amongst some of his predictions of the near future was a false civil war in the US in 2004 and nuclear war in 2015.

This mysterious man even went as far as to describe his apparent time machine in details and even got a US patent for it.
(Patent Application US20060073976)

It has been pointed out that Titor’s story is uncannily similar to Pat Frank's classic post-apocalyptic science fiction novel Alas, Babylon and was debunked as a hoax by an Italian TV show after running an extensive investigation. They concluded that John Titor was in fact the computer expert brother of a man by the name of Larry Haber, an advocate and owner of the commercial rights about all concerns involving John Titor.