Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is the Axial Seamount caldera about to erupt?

Scientist have begun to monitor the Axial Seamount Volcano situated around 500 kilometres west of the coast of Oregon in the North Pacific Ocean with the help of a recently installed 900km (560 mile) fiber optic cable released on the sea floor to better help scientists understand the area. Axial is a rectangular shaped caldera roughly around 3km by 8km (or 2 X 5 miles in size). This is one of the most active volcanic areas in the Pacific Ocean.
402 microseismic events were reported in 1994 in a two month period and there has been evidence that the large caldera has been inflating since the small 1998 eruption. There was another predicted small eruption in April 2011.

Could there be a connection between undersea volcanic eruptions deep in the Pacific and recent reports of sulphur odours in the air from California all the way up to Vancouver Island?
Could we possibly be looking at a full scale eruption in the near future?

For the second day now, The ROPOS Dive Robot will be moving along the seafloor at nearly 2,000 metres (6,561 feet) deep and will be available as an online live feed here. (Weather permitting)

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