Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Sheeple Quiz

The mainstream media, the government, and the educational system have become experts at manipulating people and it’s not that difficult to pull off. So much useless information being fed to people these days and let’s face it; people prefer to be part of a herd. You see proof of it on social networking sites, etc.
Part of the dumbing down scenario is the lack of intelligent programming on TV. People seem to care more about who will win a reality TV show and so on. Most have become unaware of the big picture or the real important issues going on in the world. The fact that so many media moulded zombies are seeing the world through rose-coloured glasses is somewhat frightening.
There are indeed similarities between the fall of the Roman Empire and events occurring today in Western culture.
I decided to create a Sheeple quiz of my own; though I borrowed a few obvious questions from other ones (most of them were too specific to a single agenda).
  1. Do you believe the government tells the truth? YES___ NO___
  2. Do you believe the media tells the truth? YES___ NO___
  3. Do you think the educational system is adequate? YES___ NO___
  4. Do you think people of authority are superior? YES___ NO___
  5. Do you easily agree with other people’s ideas? YES___NO___
  6. Do you tend to accept things the way they are? YES___NO___
  7. Have you ever attended an event solely to avoid exclusion? YES___NO___
  8. Do you think celebrities are better than you are? YES___NO___
  9. When shopping, would you prefer buying famous brand names? YES___ NO__
  10. Do you feel offended or threatened by this article? YES___NO___
RESULTS: You are 10% sheeple for every question answered with YES. So 5 yes = 50%, 10 yes = 100%, etc.
 So what will it be? the red pill or the blue pill?

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  1. 10% sheeple here: "When shopping, would you prefer buying famous brand names?" Yes, they are better quality, like 100% cotton. Nowadays you don't get 100% cotton in clothes. And my skin is sensitive to sinthetic fabrics. I am sensitive person too. Love to you.