Monday, July 18, 2011

The mystery of crooked Aspen

Just outside the small village of Alticane, Saskatchewan in Western Canada lies an unusual botanical phenomena called ‘Crooked Aspen’. Every single tree on this strange patch of land has adopted a contorted corkscrew like shape, though aspens normally grow straight. The trees have been that way as far back to when they were first discovered in the 1940’s. Local folklore has theorised the cause of this anomaly to be everything from UFOs, ghosts, a lightning strike, or even a meteorite crash, though none have ever proved conclusive. Genetic mutation is a known factor and nobody seems to know why. All other trees outside of this approximate 3,000 square feet of forest appear to be growing normally. 

There has been an unusually high occurrence of UFO sightings in the area over the years including a farmer claiming to have been woken up late one night by a bright object in the sky lighting up his bedroom. Another local farmer recalls going to the stand of trees as a child with his family and watching his grandmother pick flowers only to turn around and bring them back having a feeling she was doing something wrong, that she felt a strange presence near her.

Stories about animals and birds refusing to go near the trees or strange light and sounds coming from this area abound. People from all over the world have visited the site and some have even complained about a strange feeling or dizziness upon walking through.

Though I have never been to the site myself, it sounds like an interesting place to visit.

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