Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Martian anomalies

Ever since people started sending spacecrafts to explore the surface of Mars back in 1976, strange and unusual shapes and forms have been witnessed. Here is a collection of photos and brief descriptions that I found floating around the internet. I should mention the fact that the sheer quantity of claims from various people over the last 35 years would require an immense amount of time to research, so I have posted just a few for now.

1976- A very convincing photo of what appeared to be a humanoid face was taken in the Cydonia region by Viking 1. Further pictures of better resolution taken in 2001 revealed what looked more like a simple two kilometre wide mound of dirt.

1976- Also discovered near the “Face on Mars” were mounds with similar shapes to pyramids here on Earth. Some people also believe that there might be the remnants of an ancient city nearby based on the old Viking 1 photos.

1999- Adam Marturana found photos of what appeared to be an Osiris-Statue and Step-Pyramid

   Holger Isenber further reasearched Adam Marturanas work and found Candor city tucked between the Ophir and Candor Chasma regions. It is said to contain numerous buildings.

2004-Bigfoot on Mars? That would explain why we have never caught a live one here on Earth. They fly in for brief visits then return home to Mars. YES, OF COURSE I AM JOKING!!

The Devil.


A skull and another face.

It is my belief that the majority of these pictures are the result of Apothecia though it is fascinating to study.

If anyone has further interests on the subject, I would recommend the Mars anomaly research webpage. It contains interesting information.

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