Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Seems Planet earth has been trying to talk to us for quite some time now, or at least that would be one of the theories going around regarding these phenomena. Apparently people have been hearing various types of mysterious sounds from either the sky, and in some cases, or from the Earth itself.

Recently, a new trend has emerged all over the world regarding a strange new sound that has peaked   interest in yours truly. Now there has been very little information about this sound other than people blogging and a fewYouTube videos. Some say it is HAARP, others seem to think it might have something to do with pole shift or warming of the planets core, all speculative.

Here are a few examples,

1-Recent Earth Rumblings.
Please feel free to research this subject and get back to me with more information please.

2- Hums.
Citizens in the UK, as well as the US, have been witness to a loud, enduring hum. No one can figure out the source of the low-pitched hum though it seems somewhat artificial. In 1977, A British newspaper received over 800 letters from people complaining about loss of sleep, irritability and deteriorating health as a result of the Hum.  

3- Mistpouffers.
Mistpouffers are a phenomena about loud booms, also referred to as “Guns of the Seneca”, sounds that resemble distant cannon fire, usually near large bodies of water. Artillery testing would be an obvious culprit here, however, that theory has been researched and ruled out. Some have speculated that undersea activity (perhaps seismic) creates great bubbles of released gas which floats to the surface and creates huge “ocean farts”, however it is a stretch to think that these bubbles could produce a sound strong enough to create the distant-gunfire sound.  

4- The Hell Hole.
Guaranteed to scare the living daylights out of any devout Catholics out there, I decided to add this one as a more humorous and comical equation to the scenario.

   More than forty years ago researchers in the Soviet Union began an ambitious drilling project whose goal was to penetrate the Earth’s upper crust and sample the warm, mysterious area where the crust and mantle intermingle. When drilling stopped in 1994, the hole was over seven miles deep, making it by far the deepest hole ever drilled by humans. The last of the cores to be plucked from from the borehole was dated to be about 2.7 billion years old. .Microphones were lowered into the hole and human screams were heard, hordes of ‘tortured souls'. Many of the scientists quit the project in fear and/or became total nervous wrecks as a result.


  1. Hell Hole/Tortured souls: (Apparently)

  2. Thanks Matt, I have heard that recording on YouTube and still think its funny. There was a comment below the video from someome who claimed the sound was from the New York stock exchange, lol.

  3. See now that sounds reasonable... ;) I just had to hear it.