Thursday, April 14, 2011

Giant Atlantic Whirlpool hoax?

US Scientists have apparently discovered 2 massive whirlpools in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Guyana. These events are said to be around 400 kilometres (250 miles) in diameter according to Brazilian scientist Guilherme Castellane. There has never been such an event recorded in that part of the ocean ever before. Rotation is said to occur at a rate of one metre per second. The natural phenomenon, which creates the whirlpools, is not completely known to modern science.

I am highly sceptical regarding this occurrence for numerous reasons, first off I could not find any proof of a Brazilian scientist by that name or any factual scientific documents, and the article first came out of a news agency from Russia that might be the equivalence of ‘The National Enquirer’.

It is not without saying that there has been proof of other recent ocean mega plumes in other parts of the world including the Indian Ocean as well as the recent one near Japan.

"I'd be surprised if in the next five years we didn't experience a mini-revolution in terms of finding these in places where they are not supposed to exist." said geophysicist Robert Reves-Sohn of the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.

Could megaplumes be caused by magma deep on the ocean floor or possibly global warming and the resulting difference in water salinity?

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