Friday, September 2, 2011

Elenin (a brief history)

Never in history has a comet gotten so much publicity, and for months I have been avoiding jumping on the ever-growing Elenin bandwagon. Guess I am giving in to temptation since it can be so entertaining.

Discovered by Leonid Elenin back in December 2010, it is estimated to fly by Earth at a distance of 67,000,000 kilometres (41,500,000 miles) sometime around October 16, 2011 as per NASA.

I am sure many people who might read this blog story are already familiar with much of this information (or disinformation whichever way you look at it).

Here are a few of the stories I have come across in the past 8 months. (I have included plenty of links.)

January 2011- Electric Solar System or plasma comet theory claiming Elenin is responsible for strange weather events on the Sun and Earth.

February 2011- Elenin is either a cover-up for (or is) a brown dwarf star heading our way by the name of Nibiru or Planet-X.

March 2011- Though this story came out in February, it was predicted that Elenin was going to cause a pole shift sometime around mid-March 2011. Claims that Leonid Elenin does not exist and that the name is a code word for E.L.E or ‘extinction-level event’.

April 2011- False claims about NASA popping up all over the net saying Elenin is in fact Nibiru, also other claims that Elenin is increasing in size.

May 2011- First claims of large UFO fleet behind Elenin’s tail. Some believe Elenin is connected to the May 21st rapture prophesised by Harold Camping.

June 2011- Many are blaming Elenin for all recent earthquakes due to its alignment with various planets and the sun.

July 2011- Elenin is reported to be a cluster comet. A YouTube video surfaces about leaked Google Earth information showing Elenin’s projected impact area in the Bering Sea. (YouTube video here)

August 2011- Claims of Elenin being a tetrahedral (3 sided pyramid) spaceship 300,000 miles across, or that it is giving off strange RF signals, or that it has disintegrated or broken apart possibly as a result from a strange blast from Jupiter. Evacuation of the International Space Station.  YouTube videos of Elenin appearing in the sky in New Zealand.

September 2011- Claims that an RF signal from Elenin recently picked up by a radio telescope in California has a creepy voice talking when sped up and listened backwards (YouTube video here).

Regardless of what you might think of all this information, one thing for sure is the fact that it will soon be in the history books as being the one space object with the most conspiracy attached to it. I personally believe those of us who celebrate Christmas will be around this coming December.

                             The final countdown?

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